Selfpublisher Commission

Having designed numerous covers for independent authors, I understand the passion behind bringing dreams to life. Enjoy discounted prices tailored for writers, musicians, and artists pursuing their creative endeavors independently. Whether it's a novel, music album, or other projects, I'm dedicated to supporting your journey towards self-expression. Let's collaborate to make your dream project a stunning reality without compromising your creative vision.

Here is what I can offer you:

  • Front covers, including wraparound designs
  • Tailored artworks for fantasy, modern, and science fiction settings, crafted to match your story's vision and characters
  • Various mediums available: digital, traditional (watercolors and colored pencils), or a blend of both
  • Basic typesetting services offered (while I can provide some assistance, for professional results, I recommend consulting a specialized typesetting department)


I typically work with dimensions of 3000x5000px at 1200dpi. If you require a different format, especially for a wraparound cover, please don't hesitate to inform me.

Your files will be provided as a .jpg with a white background and a .png (with a translucent background, if needed), delivered via email.

For traditional artwork, I usually use DinA4 size, or DinA3 for wraparound covers. Larger formats are available upon request, although additional charges may apply.

Basic Price

Produkt Preis
Simple Cover 85 Dollar
Wrap-Around-Cover 150 Dollar
3 Artworks for the interior of the book (Lineart with characters and scenery) 180 Dollar

Additional options

Produkt Preis
Additional Artwork for the interior illustration (lineart with characters and scenery) + 50 Dollar
Additional and easy lineart-artworks (e.g.: Single characters without background) Have to be discussed seperatly. Look at "character comission" and "animal comission" for further information.
Commercial usage (mediocore) Free for Selfpublishers and small publishers
Commercial usage (high) x1,0 additional to the comission price

Payment via Paypal only

The drawn artworks include a license for moderate commercial usage.

You can find a guideline in the description of a basic commission or feel free to contact me directly for more information.

Published works containing my art

A captivating German book follows a group of friends embarking on a vacation to a distant planet, discovering excitement beyond their expectations. Plus, encounter the enchantment of space-unicorns!

I've designed a wraparound cover for this beautifully written adventure.

Delve into the heartwarming pages of a German children's book featuring a lovable, hefty brown bear and his unexpected friendships with other animals. Their world is forever changed when they befriend a human child.

I had the privilege of creating a wraparound cover for this endearing tale of unlikely companionship.

Embark on a journey through the pages of a German youth book where you'll meet young Elyian. Reluctantly selected to become a priest in Pachacamo, he returns home to his grandfather, only to find himself experiencing vivid visions of life as a Quetzal, a splendid paradise bird.


I've had the pleasure of contributing illustrations to bring this enchanting tale to life within its pages.

Within the pages of this German youth book, join a trio comprising Filius, a taciturn swordsman, Irina, a fledgling healer, and her father Bratarak, as they embark on a perilous journey to escape tyranny in their homeland.


I had the honor of lending my artistic touch to this project, contributing illustrations to enrich the interior of the book.