Emoticon Commission

Introducing personalized "Emoticons"! Elevate your messaging experience with custom stickers depicting your unique emotions. Whether it's your own character or your facial expressions, I'll craft emoticons tailored to reflect your feelings. Perfect for Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, and more. Spice up your conversations with expressive stickers that truly resonate with you. Get your emoticons now and add a personal touch to your digital interactions.


Comission Details

Here is an overview over the most important details of the comission. Please feel free to ask if there are open questions.


Here is what I am offering:

  • Diverse humanoids featuring various body types, encompassing human figures as well as Furries and Anthros.

  • Humanized cartoon versions of animals can be requested. With a wide range of capabilities, simply ask, and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs.

  • Various clothing, armors, and items are included in the package, at no extra cost.

  • Nude versions are also available at no additional charge. Your comfort and preferences are paramount, so feel free to request anything you desire.

What do you get?

  • The artwork is delivered as a set of .png files via email.

  • Each image features a transparent background for seamless integration.

  • Additionally, you'll receive three links to pre-prepared sticker sets for Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal. Easily add them with just a few clicks and start using them instantly. 😊

Dimensions for each emoticon:

I typically work with dimensions of 512x512px at 1200 dpi.

This standard size is ideal for Telegram and Signal emoticons and is also compatible with WhatsApp.

However, I am flexible and can accommodate other formats upon request.


Commissioned pieces are intended for private use only. For commercial usage, a separate fee applies.

Prices and Payment

Item Price
Basic Set (3 emoticons with one character) 45 USD
An additional character in the same set (3 emoticons with one character) + 30 USD
+ Additional Emoticon with one character + 10 USD
+ Additional Emoticon with two characters shown + 15 USD
+ Commercial use Has to be discussed seperatly and is NOT allowed by default.

Payment via Paypal only!

Emoticon Sets for free personal usage:

"Hangman" - Creepy Comic-figure


A set of stickers I made for my comic-project, about a little zombie. 

Feel free to get more information on the Projects-Section.

"Natural 20" - Roleplaying Bard


A set of stickers featuring my DnD-bard Danjiel Ryan Oscar Wyvern.


Telegram: Add Sticker Set



(-Not included in that messenger-)



(-Not included in that messenger-)