Animal Comission

With a background in biology and animal care, I'm captivated by animals' behavior, be they wild or pets. My art aims to capture not just their appearance, but also their unique traits and habits. If you're seeking a portrait of your beloved pet or a thoughtful gift featuring an animal, this special offer is tailored just for you. Experience the joy of owning a personalized depiction that truly reflects the essence of your furry friend. Let's immortalize your cherished companions in art together.

Base Price

What can I do for you?

    • Various animals depicted in diverse poses.
    • Fantasy renditions of animals, including majestic dragons, fierce griffons, and other mythical creatures.
    • Accessory designs for animals, ranging from clothing and collars to headstalls and saddles.
    • Additional objects such as toys, bowls, plants, and cozy sleeping spots.
    • Option for traditional coloring with watercolors and pencils instead of cell-shading, with a scanned artwork provided upon request.


I typically work digitally with dimensions of 3000x5000px at 1200dpi. Should you require a different format, please inform me accordingly.

Your files will be provided as a .jpg with a white background and a .png with a translucent background, delivered via email.

For traditional artwork requests, the standard size is DinA4. However, larger formats are available upon request, with potential additional charges.

Additional options

Produkt Preis
Additional animal Base price x2
Additional human That would be counted as "character comission" with additonal animal. (You can find it in my Shop)
Easy Background +5 Dollar
Detailed Background +15 Dollar
Scenery (extensive landscape) + 25 Dollar
Traditional artwork +15 Dollar
Commercial rights Commercial rights have to be bought seperatly

Payment via Paypal

The drawn artworks are for private usage only.

Feel free to utilize the artwork on social media and non-commercial internet pages. However, commercial usage rights can be purchased separately. You can refer to the basic commission description for a general guideline or reach out to me directly for more detailed information.

Comission examples

Background Variations

Easy Background

A simple background features a harmonious blend of colors complementing the character's theme, with optional sparkles and additional effects to enhance visual appeal.

Design @ Jennifer Göhringer

Detailed Background

A detailed background includes more intricate elements compared to the simple background. Expect to see furniture and additional objects that enrich the scene. However, it doesn't necessarily depict a specific room setting.


A scenery is an expansive background teeming with intricate details, portraying a specific setting such as a forest, tavern, town, bedchamber, or campsite. The shown example features, in  addition to the scenery, a drawn animal companion.

Animal-only examples



Design @ComedyCentral/ AdventureTime