Basic Commission

Looking for custom artwork? Explore my commissions section for details. Reach out via email, social media, or the contact form to discuss your ideas. With passion, I'll collaborate with you to transform your vision into a stunning reality. Let's create something extraordinary together!

What can I do for you?

I find this question challenging, as I'm always eager to embrace new tasks. Drawing from my successful past endeavors, here are some areas where I excel:

  1. Digital and traditional artwork, blending techniques like line art, cell shading, and semi-realistic coloring.
  2. Animations, including expressive facial features.
  3. Landscapes and intricate scenes.
  4. Semi-realistic humanoid figures, spanning human characters, fantasy creatures, and furries.
  5. Accurate biological depictions of plants, animals, and pet portraits.
  6. Cartoon-style art and mascots.
  7. Figurative symbols and logos.
  8. Gaming cards and educational games, such as Munchkin and yoga pose cards, among others.

I approach each project with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence, so do not refrain from asking about topics that are not included in this list.


Typically, before providing a price quote, I'll require the following details about your project:

  1. Quantity: How many images are required?
  2. Medium: Digital or traditional?
  3. Specifications: Any specific size, resolution, or aspect ratio needed?
  4. Subject: What do you envision me drawing?
  5. Intended Use: How will the artwork be utilized?
  6. Social Media Usage: Can I showcase the artwork on my social media, or is confidentiality preferred?

By understanding these aspects, I can tailor my approach to best suit your needs and deliver exceptional results.

Price Calculation

Item Price
First hour (+ wearout of the usual material) 25 EUR (29 USD )
Every other hour 10 EUR (11,50 USD)
Rights for usage (more information below) Private (x0)/ very low (x0,1)/ low (x0,25)/ mediocore (x0,5)/ high (x1,0)
Additional material Depends on the material
Shipping Depends on the item and the destination + 20 EUR (23 USD)

Payment usually via Paypal

Publication conditions and price for commercial usage

Private (x0) Very low (x0,1) Low (x0,25) Moderate(x0,5) High (x1,0)
Private usage (e.g. print the picture to hang it on your own walls) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Using the artwork on third-party-homepages for non-commercional reasons (e.g. as avatar picture on non-commercial social-media-accounts or forums) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
One-time-commercial usage (e.g. printing posters and invitations for a one-time-event) x Yes Yes Yes Yes
NON-commercial usage of printed products (e.g. Using the artwork on broshures and promotional objects that are given away for free) x x Yes Yes Yes
Using the artwork on commercial and business homepages x x x Yes Yes
Publication of the artwork via selfpublishing (e.g: CD-Cover for a private band-project, book-cover for a selfpublished book) x x x Yes Yes
Selling printed products locally (e.g: using the artwork for bandshirts and selling them at a festival but NOT online) x x x Yes Yes
Selling printed products online on contractual specified plattforms (e.g: Selling printed products on a private online shop) x x x x Yes
Using the image for prints or digital downloads via contractual specified publishing companies (e.g. Using the artwork for a bookcover that is sold by a company) x x x x Yes

Please note that selling artworks via print-on-demand-pages and stockimage-pages is NEVER allowed!

Calculation example:

For instance, if I'm creating a mascot for a business homepage, the entire process typically takes around 8 hours. Therefore, the pricing is determined based on this timeframe.

Working hours + Commercial use = Final Price
(First hour + (7 x additional hour)) + ((First hour + (7 x additional hour)) x Factor for mediocore usage) =
(29 USD + (7x11,50 USD)) + ((29 USD + (7x11,50 USD)) x 0,5) =
(29 USD + 80,50) + ((29 USD +80,50 USD)) x 0,5) =
109,50 USD + (109,50 USD x 0,5) =
109,50 USD + 54,75 USD = 164,25 EUR